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Zandberg58, a former church converted into a multifunctional center, offers event rentals, music programs, and community connection in Breda, Netherlands.

Zandberg58 is a multifunctional center located in Breda, the Netherlands, a city in the province of North Brabant with a population of about 185,000 people. The center is housed in a former church building that was built in 1926 and has a distinctive neo-Gothic style. The center has a large hall that can accommodate up to 300 people, a smaller hall that can accommodate up to 100 people, a kitchen, a bar, and a stage. The center also has a parking lot and a garden. The center is available for rent for various occasions, such as meetings, workshops, concerts, parties, and ceremonies.

The website’s business is to promote and host various events and initiatives that are related to faith and music. The center is home to the Geloofsgemeenschap de Zandberg (Faith Community of Zandberg), a Catholic community that holds weekly services and celebrations at the center. The center also supports the Kooracademie Breda (Choir Academy Breda), a musical organization that offers choir training and performances for children and adults. The center also collaborates with the Candle Light Events Breda, a company that provides event management and catering services for weddings, funerals, and other occasions at the center. The center also hosts the Venti Musicali, a concert series that features classical music from different periods and styles. The center is also managed by the Stichting SacramentskerkBreda, a foundation that maintains and preserves the building of the center. The website also aims to connect and support the local community of Zandberg, a neighborhood in Breda that has a rich history and culture. The website provides information about the activities, the facilities, the contact details, and the history of the center. The website is in Dutch and has a simple and professional design.

Key achievement

Zandberg58’s website proudly highlights its vibrant event scene, featuring regular updates, engagements with renowned speakers, and performances by celebrated musicians, showcasing a commitment to cultural enrichment and community engagement.

  • Event Updates: Regularly updated event listings to keep visitors informed of upcoming gatherings.
  • Inviting Famous Speakers: Hosting events that feature renowned speakers, offering attendees the opportunity to gain insights from experts.
  • Famous Musicians: Showcasing performances by well-known musicians, providing a platform for cultural and musical expression.

These elements highlight Zandberg58’s dedication to creating a vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment for its community.


The Zandberg58 website is a well-designed business site with strong branding, user experience, and lead generation features.

This website is a business website that has a strong online presence. The website has a domain name that matches the company name, which helps to establish credibility and brand recognition. The website also has a responsive design, which means that the website adapts to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a smooth user experience. The website has clear and simple navigation, which makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. The website has a professional and attractive layout, which reflects the quality and style of the company. The website has compelling and relevant content, which showcases the company’s products and services, as well as testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. The website has a strong call to action, which encourages visitors to contact the company or request a quote. The website also has a dynamic popup, which offers a discount coupon for the first order, creating a sense of urgency and incentive. The website has a photo gallery, which displays the company’s portfolio and previous projects, demonstrating their expertise and creativity. The website has a static contact page, which provides the company’s address, phone number, email, and social media links, as well as a map direction, making it easy for visitors to reach out to the company. The Zandberg58 website is a well-designed and effective website that creates a positive impression and generates leads for the company.

Visual plan and concept

This website prioritizes user experience with clear navigation, responsive design, and ongoing optimization based on feedback and analytics.

The visual concept for this website focuses on enhancing existing features while addressing potential issues that may arise. The domain name of the website matches the company name, which is excellent for brand recognition and SEO. Responsive design for accessibility across various devices, and testing is carried out periodically on new devices and browsers. The website navigation is intuitive and easy to understand, guiding users smoothly through the site. The website layout is professional and appealing, using a consistent color scheme and typography that aligns with the brand identity. The website content is regularly updated to remain relevant and engaging, with prominently placed calls to action. Dynamic pop-up displays do not interfere with the user experience, and the photo gallery is optimized for quick loading. The static contact page includes multiple contact methods, and the map direction feature is user-friendly and accurate. User feedback and regular analytics are used to continually improve the site and address any issues.

Build and develop

This website prioritizes SEO, user experience, and mobile responsiveness through strategic design and technical considerations.

During the build and development process of this website, several technical aspects were considered. The domain name matching the company name is a strategic move for SEO and brand recognition, requiring proper DNS configuration. Responsive design is achieved through a fluid grid system and flexible images, using CSS media queries to ensure the website adapts to different screen sizes. The navigation system is built with user-friendly design principles in mind, using clear labels and logical page hierarchy. The layout is developed using a consistent design language, with attention to color schemes, typography, and spacing. Content is created with SEO and user engagement in mind, using relevant keywords and clear, concise language. Calls to action are strategically placed and designed to stand out. Dynamic pop-ups are coded to appear at the right time without disrupting the user experience. The photo gallery uses optimized images to ensure fast loading times. The contact page is designed with a simple form for user convenience, and the map direction feature is integrated using APIs. All these elements are developed and tested in various stages to ensure optimal performance and user experience.

develop and launch

Website undergoes rigorous testing, launches smoothly, and receives ongoing monitoring and updates.

The testing and launching phase of this website involves several crucial steps. First, comprehensive testing is conducted to ensure all features work as expected across different devices and browsers. This includes testing the responsive design, navigation system, layout, content, call to action, dynamic pop-up, photo gallery, contact page, and map directions. Automated testing tools are used to streamline this process, along with manual testing for a more user-centric perspective. Any issues identified during testing are fixed and retested for quality assurance. Once the website passes all tests, it’s ready for launch. The launch process involves deploying the website to a live server, configuring the domain name, and setting up any necessary redirects. Post-launch, the website is continuously monitored for any potential issues or areas for improvement. This includes tracking website performance, user engagement metrics, and SEO rankings. Regular updates and maintenance are also part of this phase to ensure the website remains relevant and functional over time.

Closing thoughts

The website’s user-friendly design, engaging content, and clear calls to action make it easy for visitors to learn about Zandberg58 and connect with the center. I believe this website will be a valuable tool for Zandberg58 to reach a wider audience and continue its mission of fostering faith, music, and community.

This website represents a collaborative effort, and I am grateful for the trust and vision entrusted in me. I believe this platform will effectively serve Zandberg58 in achieving its goals and fostering a vibrant online community.

Client thoughts and feelings

We appreciate your commitment to continuous improvement and your willingness to incorporate our feedback throughout the development process. Your attentiveness to detail and proactive approach ensured a smooth and successful launch.

The new website has already generated positive feedback from our community, and we are confident that it will be a valuable tool in promoting Zandberg58 and its initiatives.


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