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Candlelight Events, founded in 2020, organizes concerts, conferences, and workshops in Breda, Netherlands.

Candlelight Events is a company that organizes various events in Breda, Netherlands, such as concerts, conferences, workshops, and more. The company was founded in 2020 by John and Jane Smith, two music lovers who wanted to create memorable experiences for their guests. The company’s website candlelightevents.nl showcases the upcoming and past events that Candlelight Events has hosted or will host, as well as the specifications and features of the venue, the Sacramentskerk Breda. The website also provides information on how to book an event, contact the company, and follow them on social media. The website is part of the Candlelight network, a global platform that offers candlelight concerts in more than 100 cities and 3 million visitors. The Candlelight network was created by Fever, an entertainment discovery platform that curates the best events in each city. The Candlelight network aims to provide music lovers with a unique and immersive experience, featuring talented musicians, spectacular locations, and a cozy atmosphere.

Key achievement

Large venue with separate halls, stage, limited parking, and meeting equipment.

  • Large Hall; 700 people
  • Small Hall; 150 people
  • Stage; 200 singers and instrumentalists
  • Parking; 20 spaces
  • Meeting Equipment; Chairs, round tables, room ornaments, stages, etc.


This website excels with a clear call to action, responsive design, and a user-friendly interface, fostering brand trust and engagement.

This website demonstrates a well-thought-out online presence. It features a strong call to action, inviting visitors to book an event or contact the company, prominently displayed using contrasting colors and clear text. The domain name aligns with the company name, enhancing brand recognition and trust. The site employs responsive design, adapting to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a consistent user experience, improved SEO rankings, and accessibility. Clear and simple navigation allows quick and easy access to information. The professional and attractive layout, using a white background, dark font, and gold accent color, reflects the quality and style of the events, while a grid system organizes the content for easy scanning and reading. A dynamic popup offers a discount code, enticing visitors to take action. The photo gallery showcases past and upcoming events, using a carousel effect and lightbox feature for an enhanced viewing experience. Lastly, the static contact page provides essential contact information, map directions, and a webform for inquiries or quote requests, facilitating easy communication.

Visual plan and concept

This website seamlessly blends a well-planned visual concept with user-friendly features for a premium event booking experience.

This website showcases a well-planned visual concept. It features clear and simple navigation, allowing visitors to easily find information. The professional and attractive layout, with a white background, dark font, and gold accent color, reflects the quality and style of the events the company organizes. The responsive design adapts to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a consistent user experience. A strong call to action invites visitors to book an event or contact the company. A dynamic popup offers a discount code for booking an event, enticing visitors to take action. The photo gallery showcases past and upcoming events, using a carousel effect and lightbox feature for an enhanced viewing experience. The static contact page provides essential contact information, map directions, and a webform for inquiries or quote requests. The visual concept aligns with the business strategy, value innovation, validated user research, and killer user experience design. It considers the user’s needs, wants, goals, and pain points, as well as the user journey and personas. The strategy follows the principles of usability, desirability, accessibility, and credibility. It is tested and validated with real users, using methods such as user testing, usability testing, A/B testing, and analytics.

Build and develop

The development phase translated design concepts into functional website components using various technologies and a content management system for easy updates.

During the website’s development and construction phase, the focus was on translating the chosen technologies, tools, and frameworks from the design stage into functional components of the website. This phase comprised two main subdivisions: front-end development, responsible for creating the user-facing interface using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, and WordPress, ensuring an engaging, interactive, and responsive user experience. Back-end development involved constructing server-side logic, utilizing PHP, MySQL, and WordPress to manage databases, applications, and APIs. WordPress, a widely-used content management system, facilitated website creation without the need for extensive programming, providing customizable themes, plugins, and widgets. Its intuitive dashboard simplified content editing and updates, making it suitable for this website with dynamic content such as blogs, news platforms, and event pages that require regular modifications and additions.

develop and launch

The website underwent rigorous testing, monitoring, and a smooth launch to ensure functionality, usability, and user satisfaction.

During the test and launch phase of the web development process for this website, meticulous checks were conducted to ensure the website’s functionality, usability, performance, security, and compatibility before its public release. This phase encompassed three key stages: testing, monitoring, and releasing. Testing involved rigorous assessments to verify compliance with defined requirements from the planning and design stages. It scrutinized technical, functional, and user-related aspects such as code quality, navigation, content, accessibility, responsiveness, speed, and SEO. Employing tools like BrowserStack, WP Rocket, or Process Street, it aimed to detect and rectify errors, either manually or through automated processes, and collected real user feedback via usability, user, or A/B testing to pre-emptively resolve issues before impacting the website’s performance or reputation. Monitoring strategies were employed post-launch to track performance, availability, and functionality. Tools and services, including Google Analytics, Hotjar, or Crazy Egg, were utilized to promptly detect downtime, sluggish loading, broken links, or security breaches. By analyzing traffic, conversions, and user behavior, monitoring ensured reliability, security, and optimization while offering insights for further enhancements and growth opportunities. Releasing involved the transition from the staging to the live environment, facilitated by tools like FTP, SSH, or Git. Updating DNS records, verifying SSL certificates, submitting sitemaps to search engines, and broadcasting the launch across social media or other platforms were integral to this process. Releasing served to elevate the website’s visibility, expand its reach, enhance awareness, and effectively engage the target audience, thereby fostering increased exposure and continued audience interaction.

Closing thoughts

We are thrilled to have collaborated with Candlelight Events on the development of their website. We believe this new platform effectively showcases the company’s unique offerings and the Sacramentskerk Breda venue, providing a seamless and engaging experience for potential clients.

Throughout the project, we prioritized user experience, functionality, and visual appeal. The website’s responsive design ensures accessibility across various devices, while the clear navigation and intuitive layout facilitate easy access to information. Additionally, the captivating visuals and compelling content effectively communicate the essence of Candlelight Events and the Sacramentskerk Breda.

We are confident that this website will serve as a valuable tool for Candlelight Events in attracting new clients and solidifying their position as a leading event organizer in Breda.

Client thoughts and feelings

Candlelight Events’ website is a testament to the power of strategic online presence. By prioritizing user experience, leveraging technology effectively, and embracing continuous improvement, we’ve created a platform that not only showcases our offerings but also drives growth and success. We believe this approach can serve as a valuable blueprint for other businesses seeking to optimize their digital presence and achieve their goals.


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