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Stichting SacramentskerkBreda manages a former church in Breda as a cultural center for music, spirituality, and community events.

Stichting Sacramentskerk Breda is a foundation that manages and maintains the building of the Sacramentskerk, a former church that is now a multifunctional center for podium arts and spirituality in Breda, the Netherlands. The foundation was established in 2013, after the church was closed due to a decline in the number of parishioners. The foundation aims to preserve the historical and cultural value of the building, as well as to provide a space for various activities and events that enrich the community. The foundation is supported by donations, subsidies, and rental fees.

The website provides information about the history, the facilities, the events, and the contact details of the center. The website’s business is to promote and host various events and initiatives that are related to faith and music. The center is home to several musical organizations, such as the Kooracademie Breda, a musical organization that offers choir training and performances for children and adults, the Choralen van de Grote of O.L.V. Kerk Breda, a group of singers who perform Gregorian chants at the Great Church of Breda, and the Venti Musicali concert series, a series of concerts that feature classical music from different periods and styles. The center also supports a Catholic community, called the Geloofsgemeenschap de Zandberg, that holds weekly services and celebrations at the center. The center also collaborates with a company, called the Candle Light Events Breda, that provides event management and catering services for weddings, funerals, and other occasions at the center. The website is owned by the board of Stichting SacramentskerkBreda, which consists of volunteers who are responsible for the policy, administration, and communication of the center. The website is in Dutch and has a simple and professional design.

Key achievement

The Sacramentskerk Breda’s website highlights its notable achievements with a dynamic event calendar featuring prestigious speakers and musicians, a large hall accommodating 700 guests, a smaller hall for 150, a stage for 200 performers, ample parking, and fully equipped meeting facilities.

  • Large Hall: Accommodates up to 700 people, suitable for major events and gatherings.
  • Small Hall: A more intimate space for up to 150 people, perfect for smaller groups.
  • Stage: Designed for 200 singers and instrumentalists, allowing for grand musical performances.
  • Parking: Offers 20 spaces, providing convenience for visitors.
  • Meeting Equipment: Equipped with chairs, round tables, room ornaments, stages, and more to facilitate various events.

These features make Sacramentskerk Breda an ideal venue for a wide range of events, from large-scale conferences to intimate gatherings, with facilities to support diverse needs.


This website boasts a user-friendly structure, strategic branding, and engaging features for a seamless user experience.

The online presence of this website is well-structured and user-friendly. The domain name matching the company name is a strategic move for brand recognition and SEO. The responsive design ensures the website is accessible on various devices, enhancing the user experience. The clear and simple navigation allows users to easily find what they’re looking for, while the professional and attractive layout provides a positive visual experience. The strong call to action guides users towards desired actions, and the map directions and web form add functionality and convenience. The static pop-up is an effective tool for engaging visitors. The photo gallery allows the business to showcase its offerings visually, which can be a powerful selling point.

Visual plan and concept

This website prioritizes user experience with clear navigation, responsive design, and optimized features for a seamless user journey.

The visual concept for this website focuses on optimizing the existing features and addressing any potential issues. The domain name matches the company name, which is great for brand recognition and SEO. The responsive design ensures the site is accessible on various devices, and is regularly tested on new devices and browsers. The navigation is intuitive and straightforward, guiding users smoothly through the site. The layout is professional and appealing, using a consistent color scheme and typography that aligns with the brand identity. Content is regularly updated to stay relevant and engaging, with a strong call to action that is prominently placed. The static pop-up does not disrupt the user experience, and the photo gallery is optimized for quick loading. The web form and map direction feature are user-friendly and accurate.

Build and develop

This website prioritizes SEO, user experience, and mobile responsiveness through strategic design and development choices.

During the build and development process of this website, several aspects were considered. The domain name matching the company name is a strategic move for SEO and brand recognition, and it requires proper DNS configuration. The responsive design is achieved through a fluid grid system and flexible images, often using CSS media queries to ensure the website adapts to different screen sizes. The navigation system is built with user-friendly design principles in mind, using clear labels and logical page hierarchy. The layout is developed using a consistent design language, with attention to color schemes, typography, and spacing. The content is created with SEO and user engagement in mind, using relevant keywords and clear, concise language. The call to action is strategically placed and designed to stand out. The dynamic pop-up is coded to appear at the right time without disrupting the user experience. The photo gallery uses optimized images to ensure fast loading times. The contact page is designed with a simple form for user convenience, and the map direction feature is integrated using APIs. All these elements are developed and tested in various stages to ensure optimal performance and user experience.

develop and launch

This website undergoes rigorous testing across devices and browsers, followed by a smooth launch, deployment, and ongoing monitoring for optimal performance.

The testing and launching phase of this website involves several crucial steps. First, comprehensive testing is conducted to ensure all features work as expected across different devices and browsers. This includes testing the responsive design, navigation system, layout, content, call to action, static pop-up, photo gallery, contact page, and map directions. Automated testing tools are used to streamline this process, along with manual testing for a more user-centric perspective. Any issues identified during testing are fixed and retested for quality assurance. Once the website passes all tests, it’s ready for launch. The launch process involves deploying the website to a live server, configuring the domain name, and setting up any necessary redirects. Post-launch, it’s essential to monitor the website continuously for any potential issues or areas for improvement. This includes tracking website performance, user engagement metrics, and SEO rankings. Regular updates and maintenance are also part of this phase to ensure the website remains relevant and functional over time.

Closing thoughts

This website serves not only as a digital presence but also as a platform to connect with potential visitors, foster engagement, and share the Sacramentskerk Breda’s mission. As the web builder, I am confident that this platform will continue to evolve and serve its purpose effectively.

However, the website’s success is not solely dependent on its technical aspects. The heart and soul of this platform lies in the continued dedication and efforts of the Sacramentskerk Breda team. Their commitment to enriching the community through various events and initiatives will undoubtedly resonate with visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Client thoughts and feelings

Thanks to your efforts, we now have a website that truly reflects the unique character and offerings of the SacramentskerkBreda center. We are confident that this website will play a vital role in attracting visitors, promoting our events, and fulfilling our mission.

We are grateful for your collaboration, professionalism, and commitment to exceeding our expectations.


Marcel Messing

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