Stress Uninstalling: The T-Shirt That Helps You Relax and Laugh

How to Uninstall Stress with a Funny T-Shirt

A funny and relaxing t-shirt that shows a gladiator in a zen position, written stress uninstalling, his helmet and sword flying around above him. Made of soft and comfy cotton, eco-friendly and ethical, quality print, classic and versatile design, tear-away label.

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Do you ever feel like you have too much stress in your life? Do you wish you could just uninstall it like a bad app? Do you need some humor and relaxation to cope with the challenges of everyday life? If so, this t-shirt is for you!


This t-shirt is made of soft and comfy cotton that will make you feel calm and cozy. The quality print shows a funny and cute cartoon of a gladiator in a zen position, written stress uninstalling, his helmet and sword flying around above him. This t-shirt will make you laugh and forget about your worries for a while.


This t-shirt is also good for the planet and the people, as it is made by Bella+Canvas, a company that respects the environment and the workers. Bella+Canvas uses 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, a lightweight and breathable fabric that is ideal for any activity and season. They also have a fair and green production process, certified by the Fair Labor Association and Platinum WRAP.


This t-shirt has a classic and versatile design, with a ribbed knit collar, tapered shoulders, and dual side seams. It has a retail fit that suits any body type and a crew neckline that adds a touch of style. You can wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts, or anything you like. It also comes in different colors and fabric blends, so you can pick the one that matches your mood and taste.


This t-shirt has a tear-away label that reduces skin irritations and makes it easy to remove. No more annoying tags scratching your neck or ruining your look.


This t-shirt is the perfect gift for yourself or anyone who needs some stress relief and laughter. It is a fun and creative way to express your personality and humor, while also helping yourself and others to relax and enjoy life. Order yours today and get ready to uninstall your stress!

Flamma the Gladiator’s Guide to Laundry: Conquering the 40-Degree Conundrum


In the bustling streets of ancient Rome, amidst the clang of swords and the roar of the crowd, there lived a gladiator named Flamma. But don’t let the battle scars fool you; beneath that tough exterior beat the heart of a laundry connoisseur. Yes, you heard it right – Flamma the Gladiator had a secret passion for laundry, and today, he’s on a quest to uncover the truth behind the age-old question: Will washing at 40 degrees shrink my clothes?

Join me as we embark on an epic journey through sudsy waters and swirling fabrics, guided by none other than Flamma himself. Picture him now, standing tall in his armor, armed with a laundry basket instead of a sword. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Our story begins in the bustling marketplace, where Flamma finds himself face to face with a dilemma as ancient as the Colosseum itself. He holds up a garment, its fibers trembling in fear of the impending wash. “To 40 degrees or not to 40 degrees, that is the question,” Flamma muses, his brow furrowed in contemplation.

But fear not, dear reader, for Flamma is not one to shy away from a challenge. With a determined glint in his eye, he sets off for the nearest laundromat, ready to conquer the mysteries of temperature settings and fabric care.

As Flamma loads his garments into the washing machine, he recalls tales of fellow gladiators who fell victim to the dreaded shrinkage. “Ah, but not I,” he declares boldly, tossing in a handful of detergent with a flourish. “For I am Flamma the Fearless, Master of the Suds!”

With a resounding clang, the washing machine springs to life, its rhythmic hum echoing through the chamber like the beating of war drums. Flamma watches intently as the water swirls and churns, his garments dancing a delicate ballet beneath the surface.

But wait – what’s this? As the cycle comes to an end, Flamma retrieves his laundry with bated breath, fearing the worst. And yet, to his astonishment, the garments emerge unscathed, their size and shape intact.

Victory! Flamma raises his arms in triumph, a triumphant grin spreading across his face. “Behold, dear friends,” he proclaims to the gathered crowd, “washing at 40 degrees does not shrink your clothes, but merely cleanses them of impurities!”

And so, dear reader, our tale comes to a close with Flamma the Gladiator emerging victorious once more, his laundry prowess unmatched in all the land. So the next time you find yourself faced with the 40-degree conundrum, remember the lessons of Flamma and wash on, fearless and undeterred. After all, if a gladiator can conquer the laundry, what’s stopping you?

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