Blissful Warrior Relaxed Fit Tee

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Indulge in comfort and style with our Blissful Warrior Relaxed Fit Tee. Crafted for joy, this limited edition tee is your ticket to fashionable relaxation. Embrace the happiness – shop now! 🌟✨

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Sleeve length, cm 22.60 23.30 24.00 24.70 25.40 26.40

Meet the Blissful Happy Gladiator Unisex Tee! 🌟


Picture this: a cheerful cartoon of a woman gladiator kicking back and declaring a day off from adulting. That’s the vibe of our Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee, and it’s here to add a splash of joy to your wardrobe!


πŸ‘• Hug-Like Fit: This classic tee is not just a piece of clothing; it’s like getting a warm hug from your favorite blanket. Soft, comfy, and made to be loved over and over. The ribbed knit collars and tapered shoulders ensure it’s a perfect fit, evolving with you over time.


🌈 Airlume Magic: Crafted with 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, this tee is as light as a cloud (4.2 oz/ydΒ² (142 g/mΒ²)), making it a breeze to layer up or down. It’s the go-to choice for both active and leisure wearβ€”because, hey, life’s all about balance!


πŸ‘š Retail Fit, Real Style: Perfect for spontaneous adventures or semi-formal shenanigans, the retail fit brings together comfort and style effortlessly. The crew neckline adds that classic touch, giving you a neat look that’s just waiting to be accessorized.


🌎 Global Good Vibes: We believe in happy clothes and a happy world! Bella+Canvas manufactures all our tees in the US and internationally, in a humane, no-sweat-shop, sustainable way. We’re proud members of the Fair Labor Association and flaunt the Platinum WRAP certification.


🏷️ Tag, You’re It: Say goodbye to those pesky labels irritating your vibe. Our tear-away label is here to keep things smooth, minimizing any unwanted skin irritations.


🎨 Colorful Blend Options: Like a box of crayons, but cooler. Choose from a palette of Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, polyester blends, and various heather options. The Ash and Heather Prism colors are 99% cotton, 1% polyester, while Heather colors play it cool at 52% cotton, 48% polyester. Athletic Heather and Black Heather? A perfect mix of 90% cotton and 10% polyester.


Ready to join the Happy Gladiator tribe? Embrace the joy, wear the tee! πŸŽ‰βœ¨

The Fiery Saga of Flamma the Gladiator: A Cotton Washing Misadventure!


In the bustling streets of ancient Rome, there lived a mighty gladiator named Flamma. Renowned for his strength and valor in the Colosseum, Flamma’s prowess in battle was matched only by his cluelessness when it came to household chores. One fateful day, Flamma found himself facing a foe far more daunting than any he had encountered in the arena: a basket of laundry.

With a determined grunt, Flamma seized the laundry basket, ready to conquer this domestic challenge. Little did he know that his path would lead him to an epic encounter with the treacherous waters of the laundry room.

As Flamma gazed upon his garments, he noticed a particular item: a shirt made of 100% cotton. Ignorant of the delicate nature of this fabric, Flamma’s mind was set on victory as he tossed it into the wash with a confident roar.

“Hot water!” Flamma bellowed, unaware of the impending doom that awaited his beloved cotton shirt.

The washing machine whirred to life, its spinning drum a vortex of bubbling water and suds. Flamma watched with anticipation, imagining himself as the triumphant hero of his laundry quest.

But alas, fate had other plans.

As the water heated to a scorching temperature, Flamma’s cotton shirt began to tremble. Its fibers, accustomed to gentler treatment, recoiled in horror at the searing heat. Yet Flamma, in his naivety, remained oblivious to the impending disaster.

Suddenly, a cry of anguish echoed through the laundry room as Flamma beheld the catastrophe before him. His once pristine cotton shirt now lay shriveled and shrunken, a mere shadow of its former glory.

“By the gods!” Flamma exclaimed, his heart sinking with despair. “What sorcery is this?”

In a fit of frustration, Flamma attempted to stretch the shrunken shirt back to its original size, but to no avail. The damage was done, and his beloved garment was beyond salvation.

And so, Flamma learned a valuable lesson that day: that even the mightiest of warriors must tread carefully in the realm of laundry. From that moment on, he approached his household chores with newfound caution, lest he unleash further laundry-related calamities upon his unsuspecting wardrobe.

As for the ill-fated cotton shirt, it served as a poignant reminder of Flamma’s folly, hanging in solemn silence as a testament to the perils of washing 100% cotton in hot water.

And thus concludes the tale of Flamma the Gladiator’s cotton washing misadventure, a cautionary saga of hubris, hot water, and the fragility of even the mightiest garments.

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