Collect Thousands Backlink Through SEO Content Marketing

What do you want about SEO Content? How many time do you need to learn? The SEO content looks like: The video told about how to put salt in the salad. It’s the simple things you can do. But Joseph’s needs over 4 minutes to do and using the complex mechanics’ process. That’s the SEO… Continue reading Collect Thousands Backlink Through SEO Content Marketing

101 Mobile SEO Strategy

How do you spend playing smartphone? In 2019, the average US adult will spend 2 hours, 55 minutes on a smartphone. That is a 9-minute increase from 2018. They will spend more time engaging with their mobile devices than watching TV. ![Mobile SEO Strategy](../images/mobile-seo/Mobile SEO Strategy – 17.png) Based on 11,000 of the RescueTime app users,… Continue reading 101 Mobile SEO Strategy

Mobile App SEO: Organic Seach Strategy

In a few days ago, I just finished the article of google algorithm for SEO. I guess that’s enough to learn GoogleBot is. But I can’t stop to learn. Take a step up anytime and anywhere immediately. The reason all of that is, I stumbled on the page about the app store algorithm update. I never think… Continue reading Mobile App SEO: Organic Seach Strategy

Search Engine Indexing Algorithms

Let me show you how to check the website crawling and indexing status. Follow this guide: Open your favourite web browser. Type and enter: See the SERPs. That is your indexed pages in Google. What’s next? Table of Content Crawling Theory How to Speed Up Google Crawling? Sitemap Robots.txt Title page Meta description Alt tag Content… Continue reading Search Engine Indexing Algorithms

E-Commerce SEO Plan

What is the eCommerce SEO? Is your ways to increase online store visibility at the SERPs. I already split the tutorial of eCommerce SEO without blackhat SEO into 5 steps. Lets get started! Goes to Jakarta, I got the Gibby invitation to visit its HeadQuarter. I meet with Gibby teams and discuss SEO, especially how to increase… Continue reading E-Commerce SEO Plan